Spiritual Connection Tour to Queenstown New Zealand

Price: AUD

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New Gift Vouchers

Purchasing one or two of these products for a loved one or for yourself will entitle you to one free.

Spoil yourself, you deserve it.

 Four weeks Meditation – $60.00

3/4hr Hands on Healing Session – $85.00

Ihr Intuitive Reading – $100.00

Intuitive Reading and Healing Session $ 165.00

Health and Wellbeing Therapy Session – $85.00

Contact me to let me know what you would like to purchase and the address you would like the voucher to be sent to.

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Children’s Meditations

Do you get angry and lose your temper?

Do you sometimes feel sick before a test at school or doing something you haven’t done before?

What would you say if I were to tell you that meditation would help you?

Would you be willing to try it for the next 10 days for at least 5 minutes?

Meditation is like imagining, and it really helps. I have created three meditations in this series and one Bonus relaxation meditation. I hope you enjoy them.

When you have purchased the meditations a link will be sent for you to download them.

Price: $5.95 AUD

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e-book- Grounded Spiritual Practise

This little e-book is about Grounded Spiritual Practice and energy protection. I hope you get something from it. I know my students and clients certainly have.

To help understand

Why I feel sick when in negative environments?

What can I do about it?

How can I stop giving my energy away?

Be able to create a sacred space

Be able to apply Energy Protection Technique

Be able to carry out the techniques/rituals to create the required protection

After purchasing the e-book a link will be sent in order to download it.

Price: $5.00 AUD

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Intuitive Reading

Get the guidance and insight you need to work through a current hardship, and activate your highest potential and life work. An intuitive reading is a conversation between you and me where I use my intuitive skills and expertise to help you move forward in the best possible way.

  • Gain a fresh perspective
  • Create options you might not have realized were there
  • Choose the best path to achieve your dreams
  • Understand inner messages
  • and more …

Price: $100.00 AUD

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The Toolbox for life’s little emergencies

The Toolbox has practical guides to handle the ups and downs of life that really work: meditation, relaxation techniques, easy ways to change your thoughts, visualisation exercises, treasure maps and much more.

The Toolbox is your guide to living a peaceful, positive and fulfilling life.

Start today – you so deserve it.

Price: $19.95 AUD

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Achievable Enlightenment

achievable enlightenment

Achievable Enlightenment will be the companion you need while embracing Grounded Spiritual Practice and weaving it into your everyday life.

Follow Judith’s simple guide to soul growth, sustainable mental health, understanding your spiritual journey and awaken the real you.

Price: $56.00 AUD

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Golden Rose Meditations

golden rose meditations

These gently guided meditations allow you to find a sense of Relaxation, peace and stillness within, that will stay with you as you go about your daily life. Take time to enjoy the tranquil moments.

Meditations by Judith Te Huia – Music composed by Ambika Taylor – Image by Kat Richards

Price: $29.99 AUD

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