Spiritual Connection Tour October 27th – 31st October
Come with me and visit the beautiful magical country of New Zealand and discover a deeper connection to nature, the trees, the mountains and the lake.
Allow your dreams and your connection to spirit unfold.
Join a group of like-minded seekers and kindred spirits.
Have time alone to connect to the spirit of this special place.



At the moment you feel anxious, overwhelmed and tired too exhausted to go out to a meditation class, but what if it came to you?
What about if you could do it at home?
Click the link above and you can do exactly that. Why not give it a go you owe it to yourself.
Before we begin we need to have some understanding of what energy is and why we
 need to protect it

Q. Why am I always feeling cranky after grocery shopping, being at work, travelling on public transport and dealing with difficult people?

A. We are all surrounded by an energy field, I am sure that you will have been standing in the queue at the grocery store and felt someone moving too close to you. You will have probably felt uncomfortable and moved forward and they will have too. What do you think was happening? Someone just stood in your space, your energy field. Did you feel happy, annoyed, cross or did it just make you feel angry?

Q. What can I do to stop it happening? Does it happen to others?

A. Did you know we are all affected by energy, positive and negative? Think of a time for both situations and how they have made you feel. Which would you prefer to be feeling?
Having a ritual or practise that you can follow every morning and night, and in some cases more frequently, is vital especially if you do not want to feel like you are leaving home naked every day. It will change your life and how you are living it, at work, home or travelling.

To learn more click on the link below you will be so glad you did