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Thursday 15th November 2018

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Free 3 Week online Meditation Challenge

“Stress can consume us, if we’re not careful. It can create an inefficient working environment, cause you to experience dis-ease, make you too tired to enjoy the life that you are working so hard for. ”

Why can’t I meditate?

How will Meditation help you?

At the moment your head is full of worries

You feel anxious most of the time

You worry about money and relationships

You stressed and overwhelmed by day- to day- struggles

You exhausted trying to control everything around you

Just for a minute imagine feeling relaxed and in control. Imagine feeling happy and at peace with life. Wouldn’t that be amazing? And you can do it from your own home.

Who is the 3 Week Meditation Challenge for?

This challenge is for beginners and intermediates who are looking to bring about an increased sense of Wellbeing into their lives at home and at work.

Busy people struggling with the work/ life balance and looking at living with less stress

People wanting to start their day creating a happy, productive mindset, for their workplace or business

For those just wanting to learn to meditate

Why work with me?

I am a registered nurse, counseller and holistic practitioner, author, wife and mother of three sons. I have been teaching meditation for 26 years. As one of my clients described me I’m an all rounder as it’s a bit hard to say exactly what I do. I have been working in the field of healing and spiritual development for many years but have found the Holistic approach suits me best.

I have been where a lot of you have been so I understand what it is like to be in that place.

I was born clairvoyant not that I knew what that meant so growing up for me was challenging to say the least.

It was here that I began to understand I was searching to understand my own Soul Journey, what my lessons were, what I was here to do, what it was I was to do with the knowing and skills I possess. This journey has led me in many different directions, but I have always trusted that everything I was being guided to do was for a reason. In my 50’s I went to university and got a degree in nursing, specialising in mental health and mental health first aid. I knew this was something I had to do. I wasn’t sure where it would lead to, but it was some thing I knew I needed to understand more about. I had first hand experience of watching others struggle with mental illness and my desire to understand their predicament was to enhance my own ability to care for them. That lead me on to a diploma in Holistic Counselling and back full circle to helping others find their journey and dealing with life’s little emergencies

The benefits of Meditation

  1. An increased sense of Wellbeing

Experiencing a happier healthy life style benefits us all on many levels, not only in the work place, but our private live will benefit also. The practice of mediation at work will have a positive impact on our health and wellness in general.

2. Decreased Employee Absenteeism due to Illness

Unfortunately in today’s business world stress is a way of life. However mediation allow the individual to successfully manage stress which helps to improve their over all health, reducing the risk of stroke, heart disease, depression and many other conditions that cause employees to be absent from work.

3. Clarity and Focus

It has been documented that most people will face a flight or fight decision at least 12 times a day. The flight or fight response is a response to acute stress that can adversely affect heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate, and the general effectiveness of the immune system. Having the ability to focus on goals and clarity as to the successful out come of the goals can be achieved through inner calm and peace, a by product of meditation.

What it will give you

  • The tools to create less stress in your life
  • Bring about a sense of calm
  • Reduce the risk of depression
  • An over all sense of wellbeing
  • Focusing more clearly







Take the time to practise simple breathing exercises

Learn which type of mediative practise suits you best

Care enough about your wellbeing to allow it to be come part of your daily practice

How it will run

This free course is run over three weeks. It has simple meditations to download and listen to and a workbook with lots of information. It’s a matter of making time each day to practice and taking notice of the difference it makes in your life.

How many of you meditate?

Have started and then stopped because it doesn’t work?

Have thought about it but find you’re too busy?

Meditation doesn’t have to be long; a 5- minute breathing exercise is enough to allow your body to feel more relaxed and to quieten your mind, helping you have a much more stress free life and your body will thank you for it.

What others are saying

What will be covered in the course

Week one: we are learning about how meditation impacts on our health and wellbeing.

There is a video to watch explaining the best way to work through the course. We will try out three different meditations.

Understand how they can create a peaceful environment for us to work and live in.

We look at the benefits of meditation and the practice of meditation.

I love meditation and I hope you will too. For me it was a lifesaver.

Week two: Visualization Meditation

This week we are going to be learning about guided meditation, which I think personally, is the easiest when you are starting out.

Guided Meditationis a guided visual experience that involves creating a virtual reality scene within the imagination. For those who find it hard to imagine I want you to feel, sense or just use your awareness.

Module three: Heart Healing Meditation

In module three we have some information on different types of meditation and two very powerful meditations to try.

It is best to do them on different days not one after the other just get the most out of doing one at a time.


Meditation is a part of my life I could not do with out. If you think this is for you and you would like more peace in your life then lets go, on the

1st November just click on the link and enjoy the next three weeks.   Free Three Week Challenge