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Eight- Week Foundation Course Grounded Spiritual Practise

Some of us have been challenged in many areas of our life this year and maybe thinking where to next?

Here are a couple of questions to consider:

  • What do I want out of my life?
  • Do I want to connect to my potential and bring the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional aspects of my life into being?
  • Am I happy?

 Often we chose the safe option, as that’s what our logical part wants for us. But if you reflect for a moment and tap into your heart what does it say?

Our heart is where our desires and dreams are kept, so why not listen to what it is telling you.

Let 2018 be the beginning of your new and rewarding journey, filled with fun, learning and tapping into your unique gifts.

The eight- week Foundation Course Grounded Spiritual Practise is a fantastic place to start on your new journey. It is an in-depth course preparing you well for your next step of either moving on to other courses in the series or having you living your life in a grounded spiritual framework.


This course is and introduction to your spiritual and personal journey. It is compact and will only touch briefly on some of the main topics that I have felt are import when beginning out on your Spiritual and Soul journey.

There will be however, more in depth six- week courses covering each of the main Modules.

For me, setting a solid foundation to any work that you will be doing that involves working with your intuitive abilities, healing, spiritual or psychic work is important.

The course consists of 6 modules run over eight weeks. Each module is designed to cater for all levels of awareness.

Why do the course? And what will I gain from doing it?

This course is practical and down to earth in it’s grounding approach to your soul’s journey and your spiritual and personal development. You cannot do one with out the other. You will not experience this anywhere else. The course is thorough and allows for plenty of scope in order for you to practice the skills you are learning.

I will teach you how to incorporate spiritual values and soul journey wellbeing practice into your life.

Your spiritual and personal development cannot be rushed and although this course is fairly compact it still allows for you to learn and flourish in a safe and empowering environment.

The course is full of information, exercises and meditations

Why work with me?

I am a registered nurse, counseller and holistic practioner, as one of my clients described me an all rounder. I have been working in the field of healing for many years but have found the Holistic approach suits me best.

I have been where a lot of you have been so I understand what it is like to be in that place.

I was born clairvoyant not that I knew what that was so growing up for me was challenging to say the least.

Personally, I can never just see the physical aspect of anything. For me there is always the spiritual part of my psyche that needs to be included when making decisions, and I know that makes others feel really uncomfortable at times.

For a while, I honestly felt like I was living in a parallel universe. I always wondered if there was anyone else around like me, someone I could relate to. I spent a good part of my life trying to conform, not that it ever really worked.

When I was young I just assumed that everyone was able to see energy around people; to see Spirit, hear Spirit, and know things were going to happen before they did. It was actually quite disheartening to learn this wasn’t the case. Thankfully, everything started to make a lot more sense when I was guided to a Spiritualist Centre where there were other people on the path to spiritual understanding and knowledge. I felt for the first time in my life that I belonged, and that it was okay to walk my path with one foot in my own parallel universe and one on the Earth-plane.

It was here that I began to understand I was searching to understand my own Soul Journey, what my lessons were, what I was here to do what it was I was to do with the knowing and skills I possess. This journey has led me in many different directions, but I have always trusted that everything I was being guided to do was for a reason. In my 50’s I went to university and got a degree in nursing, specialising in mental health. I knew this was something I had to do. I wasn’t sure where it would lead to, but it was some thing I knew I needed to understand more about. I had first hand experience of watching others struggle with mental illness and my desire to understand their predicament was to enhance my own ability to care for them, and thus understand more about what Spirit had in store for me.

That lead me on to a diploma in Holistic Counselling and back full circle to helping others walk their spiritual / soul path and living their truth, and anyone struggling with life’s little emergencies.


Who do I work with?

I work with seekers. Those who are seeking to understand why they are here, what their purpose is and those striving for peace, love, movement, and clarity. I help spiritual seekers find their path and help many people find clarity in their lives. Men and women who find the work /life balance difficult to achieve, but want to change the way things are. I work with busy parents, businesswomen and men, going through life changes, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. So many are feeling lost, not knowing who they are anymore.

  • This course is an introduction and designed for those of you wanting to learn and explore your soul and spiritual journey, your intuitive abilities and the deeper meaning of your life. The Spiritual and Soul Journey Course will give you tools to bring this knowledge altogether.
  • It is for those of you serious about incorporating all aspects of your life, spiritual, physical, emotional and mental. For those who would benefit from meditation techniques, stress relief how to change negative situations into positive. Everyone will find something that will make positive changes in their lives.
  • The modules are practical and down to earth in they’re grounding approach to your spiritual, and personal wellbeing. You will not experience this anywhere else. They are thorough and allow for plenty of scope in order for you to practice in everyday life, the skills and knowledge you are learning.
  • You do not need any experience or spiritual knowledge to join these workshops. Over the weeks you will see your intuitive gifts unfold and put your spiritual and personal development skills into practice.


Module one – Grounded Spiritual Practice

This week covers:

Why I feel sick when in negative environments?

What can I do about it?

Understanding energy

How can I stop giving my energy away?

Be able to create a sacred space

Be able to carry out the techniques/rituals to create the required protection

What it means to be Spiritually Aware

Module two – Clairvoyant, kinaesthetic and clairaudient

This week covers:

The difference between

Clairvoyant, kinaesthetic and clairaudient

Mediums, Clairvoyants and Psychics

And the difference between them

Module Three – Intuition

In week three – What is Intuition?

Be able to define Intuitive abilities in order to bring about positive change

How to use it

Understanding how we receive our information (Representation System)

Doorkeepers and their role

Guided meditation

Understand how meditation can create a peaceful environment for us to work and live in.

Module four – Guides and Helpers

This week covers:

Guides and Helpers

Working with your Guide

Module five – Positive thoughts and positive regard

This week covers:

How we recognise appreciation and acceptance of self and others.

Who can make you happy?

Changing our persecution

Module six – Readings

This week covers:

Readings – flower, jewellery and over- head readings

This is a lovely way to finish up this course.

How will it run?

The course will start and finish on a set date,. There will be homework to complete each week.

Intention and Commitment to the Course

It is hoped that you will continue on with your development after completing the Course. In taking this course you are undertaking a big commitment, so I want you to think about why you are doing it and what you hope to gain from it?

It is truly something you will never regret.

You do not need any experience or spiritual knowledge to join this beginner’s course.

If you would like to enrol please contact me we have three places left


When I first met Judith I was good at blaming others for my mistakes and the way I felt. I all too often, took the negative approach to problems, the glass half empty. Things needed to change and I was looking for ways to do that.
Judith’s course has taught me to be more confident in myself. I’m not always looking for the negatives in everything and I  am taking more responsibility for my behaviour. I now know what a difference clearing, grounding and protection can make in every day and the difference trusting in my intuition can make. I believe I have a greater belief in myself and more positive outlook thanks to doing these courses with Judith.

Margaret Witteveen







Before I went to see Judith I was anxious, stressed, my life was out of control.

When meeting her I was immediately put at ease. There was a strong sense of acceptance, no judgement, just a complete understanding of what I was experiencing at that time. There was an amazing insight into what I needed, it resonated deep within.

Intellectually I thought what the ????? but later I thought she’s right. It was nothing I had experienced before so I felt out of control (one of my issues). But it gave me the courage to go ahead with it.

Conventional counselling dances around the edges and in the past I got nowhere, and I was ready to give up.

After walking away from the first session there was a deep sigh of relief, from deep within, I exhaled so much rubbish that I didn’t know I had. My feeling was, ‘I can deal with it’. ‘If more comes I have the strength to deal with it, strength to face tomorrow’.

Judith has a very holistic approach and amazing insight. I would highly recommend her sessions and her classes.

Katherine Stubbings.

Business Owner and Financial Consultant.