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4 one day workshops-The toolbox for life’s little emergencies

The Toolbox workshops have practical guides to handle the ups and downs of life that really work:

relaxation techniques,
easy ways to change your thoughts
visualisation exercises
treasure maps
and much more

I have created a series of 4 one hour long workshops based on my book ‘The Toolbox for life’s little emergencies’. They are a mixture of videos, meditation downloads and my e-book ‘The Toolbox for life’s little emergencies’.
How will they help you?

Is your head full of worries?
Are you stressed and overwhelmed by day to day life?
Are you exhausted trying to control everything around you?

Just for a minute imagine feeling relaxed and in control. Imagine feeling happy and at peace with life. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

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Private: online Intuitive Tarot Course

So I would like you to think of the Major Arcana in terms of the Fool’s journey through various stages of life,

a familiar theme in a great many myths, legends and fairy tales. The Fool’s story makes the Tarot easier to learn and understand, especially because the theme is, broadly speaking, that of everyone’s life.

The basic myth starts with the birth of a hero, often a person with mortal and divine parentage. In our story, the hero is The Fool and we follow his life through childhood and education to adulthood.

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Online Courses

Guarding the door to your sacred space – 5 week e- course

guarding the door to your sacred space

  • Regain control over your life’s path.
  • Feel more empowered in your workplace environment.
  • Create a more calm and peaceful day.

This course will give you the techniques to take control of how you live your life. Cleansing or resetting your energy so that your experiences, moods and feelings are not influenced by something or someone else.

Price: $100.00 AUD

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Meditation and Psychic Abilities – 6 week e- course

the awesomeness of meditation and psychic abilities

  • Discover and explore your spiritual psychic abilities.
  • Learn specialized meditation techniques.
  • Bring more peace and balance into your life.

Meditation is something that plays a part in a lot of our lives these days. It’s a cool thing to do.

It helps balance out our thoughts and feelings and allows us to get on with our day, feeling less stressed and more balanced.

Price: $135.00 AUD

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Guides, Helpers and Mediums – 6 week e-course

  • Learn about what Guides are and what they can help you with.
  • Become familiar with and learn to communicate with your Guides.
  • Discover the unique ways that your Guides can help you move forward.

This course provides important information required to differentiate between Helpers and Guides, Guardian Angels and Guides.

It also provides exercises to allow you to meet, become familiar with and understand why your guide is working with you at this point in your journey.

Additionally, giving you some background into how you chose you guide and why you need them when on your Grounded Spiritual path.

Price: $135.00 AUD

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Clutter Clearing and Spiritual Awareness – 6 week e-course

  • Dig deep and discover your true purpose.
  • Find direction and clarity in your life.
  • Understand your soul’s journey.

Clutter clearing is a way of creating new flow in your life. To allow the new to take place, the old needs to be cleared out. This can be a physical process, but emotional issues will surface as this process begins. It can range from too many pairs of shoes at the bottom of the wardrobe, to a full appointment book, to 900 emails in your inbox. They can all block incoming change.

Price: $135.00 AUD

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Treasure Map / Vision Boards – 2 week e-course

  • Create a map to follow on your journey.
  • Explore your true desires and where they fit on your path.
  • Create a road-map to reach your goals and obtain your dreams.

In times past, ceremonies, rites of passage, and rituals were performed as a way of connecting to the unseen realms. These ancient rituals allowed people to tap into the answers that were held within.

Creating this treasure map or vision board can be used as a ritual or ceremony allowing this to happen. It can open us up to our higher consciousness and guides allowing them to assist us on our path towards spiritual awareness, abundance, whatever it is we are striving for.

Price: $75.00 AUD

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